Welcome to the 2023 Gomma Black and White Awards.

The monochrome photography contest by Gomma.

Final Deadline: 04 April 2023. (Time Zone: Hawaii UTC-10)


Gomma welcomes you to the submission form of the 1ST Gomma Black & White Awards 2023.  
You can submit min. 8 images from an unfinished, ongoing or completed project.  
Any medium: Analogue or digital. Polaroid/ instagram.
Any genre: Portraiture/ Documentary/ Fine Art/ Street/ Photojournalism/ Conceptual/ Landscape...
If you submit AI generated images please state this clearly.

1 | Submission guidelines:
• 8 to 20 images at 72 dpi (JPGs: Greyscale or sRGB/ RGB duotone)    
• Minimum 1500 pixels on the longest size.    
• A short description.     
• A  artist statement.   (optional)   
• A short biography/ resume. (optional)   
• Please name your images as follow: Name-Surname-imageNumber.jpg - example: Eugene-Smith-01.Jpg, Eugene-Smith-02.Jpg ...

2 | Brief FAQ:

  • Are multiple entries allowed? Yes, you are allowed to submit more than one entry, as long as the images are from different bodies of work.
  • Are AI generated images allowed? Please state this clearly on the submission form.
  • What type of work? Any genre. Documentary/ portraiture/ conceptual/ landscapes etc.
  • Can I submit AI generated images? Please state this clearly in the submission form.
  • Can I submit fewer than 6 images? That wouldn't be possible. Minimum images requirement is 6.
  • Can I submit more than 20 images? Yes, you can submit more than 20 images for an extra fee.
  • I started this 'ongoing' project long time ago, can I still submit it? Yes, it does not matter when you started this work.
  • Is it possible to edit submissions? Editing submissions is only allowed up until 05 April 2023.
  • Do you accept joint submissions? Yes, if you create a work with another photographer you can submit jointly.
  • Is there an age limit? No. However, if you are under 18 please make sure the images are in line with current regulations.
  • Do I need to add captions/ titles for each image? No. Titles and captions are not compulsory.

3 | Deadlines: