Gomma Photography Grant 2017 is now closed.
Ongoing call: Gomma Books Catalogue.
Ends on April 30, 2018€50.00
We are accepting submissions from photographers for our Gomma Books Catalogue.

Please note this is not a photo contest, there are no winners nor shortlisted photographers.

This is an ongoing submission process for photographers that would like to propose their photo book project to us.

We're looking to publish projects that are fresh, powerful, unique and daring.

Please only send complete body of works that is ready to go to print. Please do not send ongoing projects.

We are open to publish emerging and unpublished photographers, however, please remember that photobooks are very expensive to produce, so please be very critical about your own work.

To stand as a book, a photographic series must fulfill various requirements.
These are just a few questions that you should be asking to yourself:
  • Would I buy this book if it was published?
  • Hasn't this sort of story already been told or published?
  • What am I trying to tell, and did I succeed in that?
  • Does my work look very similar to someone else' s?
  • Is it really complete, or does it still need more imagery and further editing?
  • Is my work original?
This last question is probably the most important of them all, "is your work original?"
If your answer is yes, then we warmly invite you to submit.

Whether your application will be successful or not, we will send you a final response. Average response time for each application is appprox. 60 days.

Please note you can either upload a single PDF file or JPGs images.