Gomma Photography Grant 2019. 

The independent photo contest that awards and supports photographers from around the world.

Final deadline: Monday 4th November 2019.

This is the submission form for the 2019 Gomma Photography Grant.
  Please submit between 6 and 50 images. From an unfinished, ongoing or completed project.
  Any medium: black & white or color, analogue or digital. Polaroid/ instagram etc...
  Any genre: Portraiture/ Documentary/ Fine Art/ Black & white/ Photojournalism/ Conceptual/ Landscape...

  We are looking for consistency, personality and courage.
  1 | Submission guidelines:
  • 6 to 50 images at 72 dpi (JPGs - sRGB/ RGB)
  • 1300 pixels on the longest size.
  • A short artist statement.
  • A short biography.
  • A breakdown of how you will spend the grant.

  2 | Brief FAQ:

  • Are multiple entries allowed? Yes, you are allowed to submit more than one entry, as long as the images are from different bodies of work. 
  • What type of work? Any genre. Documentary/ portraiture/ conceptual/ landscapes etc.
  • Can I submit fewer than 6 images? That wouldn't be possible. Minimum images requirement is 6.
  • Even if I submit into the Best Color or B&W Picture? That's correct, minimum images requirement is 6 for any category.
  • Why do you charge? Unfortunately, running a contest for a grant like this one comes with substantial costs - from the interface submittable.com fees,  to web hosting/ web developing & graphic design costs, to the  time-consuming selection process (which can take months), marketing and  advertising expenses, etc. Therefore we have been forced to apply a  small submission fee this year in order to counterbalance all of these  costs. 
  • I started this 'ongoing' project long time ago, can I still submit it? Yes, it does not matter when you started this work.
  • Is it possible to edit submissions? Editing submissions will be possible upon request. In order to be able to edit your submission you do need to buy the extra add-on. Please note that it will not be possible to edit submissions after the 04th November 2019.

   3 | Deadlines:

  • FINAL deadline is 4th November 2019 - ( €25.00 fee)

      Gomma Grant website: http://www.gommagrant.com
      For Copyrights and Rights Usage information: http://www.gommagrant.com/copyright2019.html
    Data protection: Any information you provide to Gomma will not be used for other commercial  purposes and will not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to any third  party.

    Please submit below:
Gomma Grant 2019